Bridal Services:

   When everything must be perfect, AIRBRUSH MAKEUP is your best choice!

     It’s your wedding day! Along with the beautiful gown, flowers and cake, you want everything to look perfect. Your makeup is the most  important part of your overall look.
   You want to look like yourself, but the best version of yourself. Your makeup should cover any imperfections and highlight your features, while appearing natural, elegant
   and beautiful. Airbrush makeup is highly suggested by all the industry specialists as the best option for your wedding day. Airbrush Makeup minimizes skin imperfections
   leaving you with flawless complexion, which looks natural and glowing in person and absolutely perfect on pictures and HD video. It is great for any age, any complexion
   and any skin tone.



  Airbrush makeup is sprayed on through an air compressor as a fine mist of color that gently covers the skin, giving the appearance of a flawless complexion. Spraying microdots of makeup that rest on the surface of the face looks more natural than traditional makeup, because it isn't rubbed into the skin and doesn’t exaggerate the pores. This process allows the Airbrush makeup to conceal better while enabling your skin to breathe.


• Your skin will look perfect and fresh throughout the entire affair
  regardless of the heat, humidity and how much dancing you do            
• Long wearing and water proof formula, no need for touchups
• Makes you look great on photos and video even on HD
• Will not rub off or transfer to clothes
• Lightweight feel and look
• Oil-free
• Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)

Bridal trial/consultation and your wedding day experience

   From my experience of working in bridal industry it's better to schedule a bridal trial/consultation at least a few months before the actual event.  At your trial, I will work closely with you to achieve the look you want.  I welcome your input and suggestions. You can bring pictures of makeup which inspires you as well as a photo of your wedding dress.  I’ll custom blend your foundation to match your skin perfectly. Together we’ll choose your color palette, try individual or strip false lashes. I'll be also responsible for your complete eyebrows shaping if you need it. All the details of your trial will be recorded on a face chart, so the exact same look can be easily duplicated on your wedding day.
  On the day of the event I travel to your location, so you can sit back, relax and leave the rest up to me. This way I am also available to provide my makeup services to the rest of your bridal party.